Hi, this is Nick Angel, and in this episode of The Awake & Aware Show, I’m going to tell you how to Attract and Align with the right people in your life. These tips will help you attract and align with the people who have the best tools, traits, and assets to help you thrive and also the people who have the same in turn for you. While of course you can go on constantly wondering why people come and go out of your life or your relationships feel unfulfilling. It may be because you don’t have all the right pieces to the puzzle (the right team of people in your life). imagine mixing 12 puzzles together pretty tough to put the picture together. But when you have all the right pieces only and the picture of the puzzle on the box it easy to put the big picture together. This is what life is like when surrounded by all the right people. Opportunities, resources, and relationships align, flow, and thrive.
Fortunately, it’s not harder than you might think to get the perfect aligned relationships.
In the past you’ve really only had 2 choices:
You can keep changing yourself and lowering your vibration to keep the same connections. or
You can settle for a life that doesn’t match your highest vibrational self.
Still, there are problems with both of those options.
If you’re like me you’ve tried this and lost relationships because both of you didn’t have or were unwilling to give what you both needed for a mutually thriving relationship.
Can it really be worth it to settle on a life that doesn’t match your feel-good-all-the-time vibration?
Unfortunately, I know about these challenges all too well, because I’ve been facing them since I woke up in 2009.
Each time I aligned with the wrong people, not only was it an expensive mistake, it took time, energy and it also took a piece of me, I wouldn’t say it was a complete waste I did meet some solid people on the path and some wonderful friends!
However, the news isn’t all grim…
After a decade, I’d finally gotten good at aligning with the right people, and with that skill set, I’ve built a multi-million-dollar online business, ranging all the way from physical products to publishing a magazine, and helped people succeed with their businesses. Which is how I know that well-aligned relationships are the foundation of any thriving lifestyle.
That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a How to Manifest / Attract the right people. The solution I created that’s infinitely faster, easier, more effective than making countless relationships that aren’t right or getting hurt in the process!
Finally a method of defining, aligning, and attracting the right people for friendships, careers, and relationships.
The value of these tips is that it is just a few simple steps that ordinarily, would require you to read tons of books, tons of time, and lots of trial-and-error to effectively put in play.
Instead, you can leverage all the “blood, sweat, and tears” I’ve spent making countless errors, learning from my mistakes as well as; studying psychology, philosophy, communications, and metaphysics.
Watching this show and using our tip can help you attract not just a new friend but the right; friendship, romantic interest, mentor, investor, or business partner.
Plus you can put this in play immediately and start seeing results the very next day.
Not having to read another book or spend time getting to know another wrong person. Never get ghosted again.
Those are just some of the reasons you’ll find that Awake & Aware’s method is worth tuning into and watching our next show.
That’s it–it really is that simple JUST TUNE IN!